German Saudi Success Stories: Delegate Oliver Oehms visits Region of Aseer


As a guest to the Saudi giants of the dyes and paint industry Oliver Oehms visited Al Jazeera Paints in city of Abha together with his assistant and the Head of the Legal Department, Mr. Omar Hamza. Supported by German machinery the Al Jazeera Corporation has been a success story for the past 35 years and meanwhile is present with 600 branches all over the Middle East.

„The example of Al Jazeera Paints perfectly shows how local companies can successfully cooperate with German businesses,“ the Delegate of the German Economy to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen remarked enthusiastically with regard to the German-built testing centres.

Visiting Abha CCI

In addition, GESALO visited Vice-President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Abha (Abha CCI), Mr. Saleh Hussain Gadah, as well as Secretary General Abdullah Al Zahrani. In the aftermath of a market study carried out by the Abha Chamber partners for Joint Ventures in the sector of pharmaceuticals are sought after. Abha CCI already cooperates with a German partner with regards to technical advisory.

German Saudi cooperation in Khamis Mushait

In the presence of business men from different sectors the GESALO team convened with Abdulaziz Al Amer of the company Al Ruwad from the glass processing sector. Al Ruwad specifically cooperates with the German market leaders Siemens and Festo in the area of system control.

“We are very grateful for the perfect organisation of our stay in the Aseer region and we will definitely come back to its kind people and its sprawling nature,“ Delegate Oliver Oehms happily summed up.

Promising tourism region

Potential for development and investment for German companies in the Aseer region is seen in general regional development but also particularly in tourism, according to Oehms. The opening up of the country in the framework of the Vision 2030 and the accompanying development of Tourism in the diverse landscapes of Saudi Arabias' southwest create great new opportunities in hospitality and services in the coming years.

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