GESALO supports: Vernissage by the Saudi artist Zahra Al Nahrawi


Art meets office: For one month the German-Saudi Arabian Liaison Office for Economic Affairs (GESALO) is replacing whiteboards with wooden easels and transforms its own conference room into a gallery of the young Saudi artist Zahra Al Nahrawi. With the headline "GESALO supports", the painter from Jeddah gave a fascinating insight behind the scenes and performed gallantly throughout her exhibition with 30 invited guests from the German-Saudi business community, including representatives of the German Embassy and the Goethe Institute.

"We are very proud that with Zahra we can support a young Saudi artist who, revealing both talent and self-confidence through her creations, impressively demonstrates the extraordinary contribution of women to the society," said GESALO Delegate Oliver Oehms, who convinced the young artist to host the vernissage at GESALO´s headquarter supported by his deputy, Al-Ameen Al-Dalali.

First solo exhibition - promoter of Saudi talents

The solo exhibition constituted a premiere not only for the GESALO office in its nearly 40-years of history, but also for Zahra Al Nahrawi herself. Mainly, she is investing her power and creativity in organizing galleries for "Kolona Fann", an initiative which she founded in 2016. With her help and expertise, young talents get the chance to present their works to a wide audience and to be discovered. "With ‘Kolona Fann’, foremost I would like to encourage unknown artists to realize their dreams," explains Zahra Al Nahrawi.

Inspiring paintings - Elegant and meaningful

In the art scene as well as the social media, the founder of “Kolona Fann” is therefore well-known and popular under the synonym “Rosemaria” or “Mother Rose”. During her personal tour with the fascinated visitors, “Rosemaria” disclosed the stories of her 22 paintings adding smaller anecdotes and meaningful thoughts. In particular, the artwork of the Japanese “cherry blossom” - a symbol of the fragility and the beauty of life – inspired the visitors as well as the meaningful painting of “Faith”.

In the following days, the artworks and impressions of the exhibition can be found on Twitter (@ahksaudi) or “Rosemarias” Instagram account @rosemaria_m.


Photos: Mubarak Al Maharfi / wk