Insight into the creative industry of tomorrow - GESALO meets Hakaya Misk 2017



How to design and produce news? Which requirements are necessary to speak in animation films and what role do the social media play in marketing my ideas? The Hakaya Misk cultural festival is currently answering all these questions at the Riyadh International Conventions and Exhibitions Center and encourages young Saudis to write their own stories.

In the four core areas of professional writing, art and drawing, animation and production, the talents of tomorrow will be provided with help and assistance by experts in the respective areas in the form of lectures and workshops. Furthermore “Hakaya Misk” gives young artists and authors the opportunity to present their own work to a wide audience.

The NGO Misk regularly supports young Saudis to strive for the Saudi Vision 2030 in the form of educational and cultural events as well as training programs and contributes to qualification and identification. Students, as well as visitors from all age groups, will have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the creative industry til August 20, 2017.