Personalaustausch zwischen der AHK Saudi-Arabien und der IHK Ostwestfalen

The Chamber of Commerce of East-Westphalia in Bielefeld (IHK) and the delegation of the German Economy in Saudi Arabia (AHK  Saudi-Arabia) agreed on the 20th December 2010 to install “Saudi Arabia Desk” in the IHK Bielefeld for the 1st of January 2011. It is nationwide the first “Saudi Arabia Desk”. It is the devoted goal to promote the bilateral business relations. To inform goal-oriented of the existing mutual business opportunities, such as through joint information events and symposia on current topics of German-Saudi economic relations.

In addition, cooperations with other actors and organizations in the German-Saudi Arabian business networks will be build, business trips to Saudi Arabia will be organized and about relevant international trade fairs will be informed. Additionally, the "Saudi Arabia Desk" will be actively represented in Saudi Arabia by the German Chamber of Foreign Trade and the business presence of German companies, particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia will be promoted.

The Chamber of Commerce in East Westphalia is with its NRW-focus on the Gulf region the primary contact point for companies with Saudi Arabia business. To sustainably develop the cooperation potential, a staff exchange has been agreed by the Chamber of Commerce and Commerce Office in 2012. After Ms. Ines Ratajczak, Head of International Chamber of Commerce East Westphalia has completed a one-week stage at the AHK Saudi Arabia in March 2013, Mr. Al-Ameen Al-Dalali completed the stage at IHK Bielefeld from 12 to 16 May 2014. During this time, the department was staffed by the Managing Director of the Office of International Mr. Graefe and by the Head of Unit International Women Ratajczak and three specialists.

On the one hand, the aim was to get to know the role of German Chamber of Commerce in particular in the fields of International / inch and training, to define cooperation potentials and those closer to the staff of the AHK after return.