Market Entry

You want to enter the Saudi market and explore new business prospects? The Saudi Arabian economy is in a state of change with a lot of new opportunities for German and international companies. Plan your market entry with us!

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We offer tailor-made services to your individual needs and support you from the first contact to the development of your business relationships and beyond.

Our employees are very familiar with the local conditions and help you to quickly find your way around in a foreign environment.

Our Arabic, English and German speaking team will advise you comprehensively, competently and individually about the possibilities that arise for your company in the market.



Our Services

Address Research

To facilitate contact with Saudi companies, we offer a verified, sector-specific address research. The contacts we find in our databases will be personally verified through our employees and a English-speaking contact point will be added.

Personal contact is highly important in Saudi Arabia and is an integral part of any business initiation. Although we gladly carry out an Address Research for you, we recommend our services “Business Partner Search” and “Business Delegation” for this fact.

Business Partner Search

We determine, together with you, the competitive advantages of your company and your products and analyze your market potential. We define the target groups of your products and services; on this basis we research our databases for fitting potential business partners.

We contact selected local companies and determine their interest and, as appropriate, visit companies personally. The exceptionality of this service is that we arrange for personal talks between your company and the identified possible business partners which will be bundled in a 2-3 day trip to Saudi Arabia.

If desired, we will accompany the talks with you. The results of our research and the personal meetings will be summarized in a report which will be at your disposal. Repeated meetings and meetings with new partners in the framework of a follow-up business trip can be arranged by us as well.

Market Study

We offer to research information that will help you with building up your business in Saudi Arabia, among them are: prices, market structures and competitors as well as a market potential analysis.

All information and contacts will be available to you with a summarizing report.

Delegation trips

GESALO offers organization of sector-specific market exploration trips. These business trips aim to give its participants a first impression of the country and the market situation and to facilitate contact to Saudi companies. Central to these trips are talks and meetings with local companies in at least two of the three economic centers of the country.

We offer individually planned out market exploration trips to economic promoters and business associations.


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Especially in Saudi Arabia many regularly recurring legal and tax issues are very complex to answer. Therefore, we have created various legal publications for you together with renowned lawyers and experts of the Saudi law.

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