GESALO Star!up of the Month: BrainAi

BrainAi is a company that has specialized in developing technologies and innovation to assist the disabled to live a comfortable life. They target over a billion people of the world’s population living with disabilities. However, they want to start with the Saudi Arabian market as their pilot project. The technology allows the patient to use his brain to communicate with different parts of his body thus enhancing their coordination, flexibility and mobility. In essence, the company will increase the efficiency and productivity of the disabled.

Digital inventions and innovations in medical technology have played a critical role in revolutionizing healthcare and sustaining people’s health. With the rise of demand for better healthcare in the world, then technological solutions in healthcare are indispensable. Statistics from the Ministry of Health depict that in Saudi Arabia; over 1.16 million people are inpatients while about 688,219 are Long Stay Patients. Evidently, the use of complex and computerized machines and technology in the medical world will improve healthcare and customize the patients’ environments. Consequently, medical technology has experienced exponential technology not only in Saudi Arabia but also in all parts of the world.

The company has outstanding business strategies. First, they want to create a customized home environment for disabled individuals. Faisal Alotaibi, the founder and Tech Developer, BrainAi affirm that the company is dedicated to making the disabled individuals live comfortable lives at home. Second, the company wants the medical services offered by various Healthcare centers in Saudi Arabia.

Consequently, they will be supplying their products to any healthcare center that demands their products. In addition, the company is dedicated to smart rooms and an active environment in hospitals. The smart rooms in the hospitals utilize technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver healthcare services and resources to the patients. In essence, smart rooms enhance the patients’ ability to be actively involved in their recovery process by allowing them to know their recovery progress. The company also wants to create a customized work environment.Therefore, the patient can increase their productivity while still on their recovery path.

The company expects a number of revenue streams. To start with, they have add-ons stores that primarily deals with software. The company will also offer cloud and data analytics as a way of generating revenue. In addition, the company will be supplying assistive equipment that deals with hardware. Such products will generate enough revenue to sustain the company and 35% profit margins.

BrainAi’s products stand out among its competitors because of several reasons. To start with, the products do not require surgical intervention. Therefore, most of the healthcare facilities can use the company’s technology because it is less technical. Moreover, the company has been able to create products with customized functions based on the customers’ needs. Every patient has a unique path to recovery; therefore, it is wise to have customized treatment for all the patients.

Hosam Alanzi, the company’s co-founder believes that customized treatment is more effective and less costly in the end. Furthermore, BrainAi treatment does not require verbal and physical communications. Resultantly, the brain can send commands to our products. In essence, any patient can use the products. Lastly, the company’s products allow a steep learning curve for the patients, their families and medical practitioners taking care of the patients.

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