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Dry container being loaded on MSC Tessa

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Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and privately owned, the MSC Group is a global business engaged in the transport and logistics sector. The MSC Group was founded in 1970 by Captain Gianluigi Aponte in Brussels, Belgium. Captain Aponte started the Company with one small conventional ship, the MV Patricia.

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MSC Agrigento built in 2013

As containerization took place and the globalization of the world economy evolved, MSC grew to become a leader in global container shipping.

MSC is the world’s largest international shipping line operates more than 760 ships and connect 300 global routes to 520 ports around the world carrying over than 22.5 million TEU of different cargo with offering versatile solutions that cover air, land, and sea

Connecting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world

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MSC Tessa built in 2023

MSC opened its doors in Saudi Arabia in 1996. Since then, MSC Saudi has expanded its footprint to cover all main ports across the kingdom including Dammam port, Jubail port, Riyadh dry port, Jeddah Port, King Abdullah port, and NEOM port offering global network coverage as well as local knowledge of the market. MSC is a leading carrier in Saudi Arabia, serving the market from 3 main offices, playing a key role in the transportation of all kinds of goods aiming to connecting Saudi to the rest of the world. In Saudi Arabia, we open the doors to the worldwide market.

In 2018, to facilitate the cargo movement in Saudi Arabia and to link the customers cargo to all GCC countries, MSC group opened its logistic arm MEDLOG in the kingdom. MEDLOG offers a variety of services that can ease and smoothen the cargo journey across the kingdom including containers pull out, shuttling, full containers storage, stuffing or de-stuffing, full reefer containers plug-in, ISO tanks storge, handling and full scope of containers repairs.

In addition, the company announced many projects across the kingdom during the last year including a new depot in Jeddah Islamic port, new cold store, and a depot in King Abdullah port. Also, MEDLOG is the leading company to have started its first depot that is rail connected in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration between MSC and MEDLOG will give the customers more access to the Saudi ports as well as showing the pivotal role MEDLOG playing and the commitment towards the Saudi market.

MSC Saudi Commitment towards 2030 Vision

MSC is committed to support the Saudi 2030 Vision to transforming the Kingdom into a global logistics hub for the region. MSC Saudi is in a unique position to create value by linking local communities, facilitating access to a global market, and providing clients with reliable and disruption-free supply chains. We promote inclusive commerce by boosting economic growth, strengthening the global value chain, and expanding local capacity and know-how.

Looking towards the future, MSC is proactively exploring all the possibilities to enhancing the cargo movement in the kingdom and it charts a new course for the future of maritime transport thanks to our latest technologies, highest stander of service, and environmentally friendly equipment showing the pivotal role MSC playing as a leading company to connect Saudi to other continents.

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