Teamplay myCare Companion brings care to Heart Failure patients in Saudi Arabia

As in other countries too, chronic diseases are on the rise and Heart Failure is the most common one (1). The Saudi Heart Association reported the average age of developing heart disease is 56 years, 10 years younger than the global average. There are more than 500,000 cardi-ac patients, with cases rising 5–10% annually (2).

Given the massive negative effects of Heart Failure and its progressive nature, in addition to the lack of protocols or guidelines for the man-agement of patients with acute or chronic Heart Failure (3), the access to a standardized care man-agement program plays an important role in and is one of the measures that are being pursued with the help of Siemens Healthineers’ telehealth solu-tion teamplay myCare Companion. As part of a value partnership with the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, teamplay myCare Companion will be used to set up a dedicated remote care management program in the Al-Qassim region, covering 58,000 square kilometers with a population of 1.3 million 

Like other providers, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center faces several challenges in the treatment of their Heart Failure patients: a lack of patient engagement, insufficient monitoring of patient’s key health data and paper-based documentation.

This is where teamplay myCare Companion comes into play

It is designed to keep patients engaged in their care process, it helps telehealth staff to efficiently manage large numbers of patients and offers a dedicated support to design, implement and maintain a telehealth center. With teamplay myCare Companion, the Cardiac Center aims to reduce the number of unplanned readmission rates, the number of emergency room visits and ultimately to meet the strategic Vision 2030 ob-jective: to improve the Quality of life of enrolled patients.

After a successful completion of pilot for 50 patients, it is planned to potentially enroll up to 5,000 Heart Failure patients to the program.


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This article was provided by Siemens Healthineers for the business magazine GSBM, June2022 issue.  Siemens Healthineers is part of Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Erlangen, Germany ist,