V-LINE GROUP: Global MRO Management

V-LINE GROUP, Business partner to the GESALO

With every step we take, we strive for strong partnerships.

We are the V-LINE GROUP. V-LINE, headquartered in Sehnde near Hanover in Germany, manages the complex maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supply chains for industrial plants worldwide, based on more than 40 years of business experience. Founded as Varioline Handelsgesellschaft mbH in 1979, the V-LINE GROUP now includes 10 locations and more than 250 employees worldwide.

Then, in 1979, Detlef Daues, founder and chairman of the V-LINE GROUP, spotted the opportunity to deliver spare parts for the emerging Saudi industries. Soon, big customers like SWCC and Ma’aden followed. The V-LINE GROUP has always been deeply connected with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since 2017 even with an own entity with full trading license: V-LINE MIDDLE EAST, located in Jubail.

Since the first visit of Detlef Daues to Saudi Arabia and the establishment of Varioline Handelsgesellschaft mbH, later V-LINE EUROPE GmbH, the V-LINE GROUP has grown to an international group of companies. Our DNA has remained the same: providing services and innovative solutions to add value to our business partners. We strive for strong partnerships because we believe in growing together.

Managing Global MRO Complexity

Reducing operating and transactional costs through new collaboration models, data analytics and simulations, automated intelligent supply chains for our customers with thousands of manufacturers are created and managed worldwide. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies, we are constantly adapting to new market requirements and are setting new standards as part of the digital transformation. By managing global MRO procurement using modern IT solutions and enabling for systems integration with our customers, our suppliers and logistics providers, our customers can focus their energy on what really matters, their core business.

Solutions, Services, Expertise: our innovative portfolio

Building on experience and driving innovation is the V-LINE spirit that has led to today’s portfolio of solutions, services and expertise. We do not only offer services around warehousing, procurement, finance, logistics and export, facilitating spare parts flow from order until delivery. We offer a carefully coordinated range of state-of-the-art services and solutions such as Inventory Planning and Optimization, Condition Monitoring and Master Data Management. Every supply chain is unique and so is our approach to solving our customers’ challenges.

Adding value to the Kingdom: V-LINE’s commitment to Vision 2030

V-LINE is committed to support the Vision 2030 and supports clients to localize content. Since 2019, V-LINE became the international strategic partner as part of SABIC’s NUSANED program that boosts localization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this context, V-LINE acts as an ambassador and facilitator to attract foreign manufacturers to invest in the Saudi market, promotes local manufacturing, identifies local demand and the possibility for scaling manufacturing in the Kingdom and supports small and medium-sized Saudi companies to increase their export.

Also localizing the clients’ business by identifying the local value proposition and its benefit from job creation to expertise knowhow and transfer to quality improvement is part of the alignment and implementation of the localization, thus Vision 2030, in daily business life. This includes also creating in-country value by training and constantly developing the employees in their MRO expertise and transferring this knowledge to V-LINE’s customers.