German Petrochemistry and Hydrogen Delegation 2022

Decarbonization of Petrochemical Industry | Conversion to Hydrogen

The German Saudi Arabian Liaison Office for Economic Affairs conducted a business delegation visit for seven German companies on the topic of "Decarbonization of the Saudi Petrochemical Industry or Conversion to Hydrogen” from the 09th to the 13th of October 2022 in Riyadh and Dammam.

During various group visits at leading Saudi companies including Aramco, Sabic, Air products, Acwa Power, TASNEE, and Linde SIGAS the seven participating German companies got valuable insights into the Saudi market developments with an emphasis on the economic localization efforts of the Saudi government. Participants were repeatedly encouraged to establish a local presence in Saudi Arabia to benefit from the growing market opportunities arising from the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

In addition, state actors such as the PIF, King Salman Energy Park and MODON highlighted the potential of the rapidly developing Saudi market in the petrochemical and hydrogen sectors to participants. These group visits were feedbacked by the participants as insightful and helpful regarding comprehending the Saudi market and market entry requirements.

In addition to these group visits, the companies engaged in up to seven individual B2B meetings with potential local partners, discussing business cooperation opportunities. Along with these pre-arranged B2B meetings, the companies further had the opportunity to present themselves during the Symposium event at the Asharqia Chamber. The event enjoyed great attendance auf Saudi business representatives. Following the successful introduction of their business objectives in Saudi Arabia, the German companies used the facilities of the chamber for individual, spontaneous B2B-Meetings. This open exchange was reported as very successful, as the company representatives counted each up to 30 brief discussions with Saudi businessmen.

Overall, the delegation visit was a great success as at least two participating companies are now planning to establish a Saudi branch. Additionally, two other German companies reported to GESALO that they will discuss Market Entry opportunities with their German team and will refer to GESALO shortly.

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