Exhibiting in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Foreign trade fairs are an integral and important part of the marketing mix of most German companies. Foreign trade fairs expand marketing opportunities, especially for export-oriented companies. By participating in trade fairs in the respective target country or region as exhibitors, German companies directly address a larger and more diversified trade audience.

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Local and international trade fairs in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covers the largest part of the Arabian Peninsula. With almost 35 million inhabitants, the Kingdom also offers the largest sales market in the Gulf region. With its Vision 2030, the Kingdom has been undergoing a process of economic and social transformation for years, with the aim of further diversifying its economy.
The top issues in Saudi Arabia are: Tourism, Health, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, and Petrochemicals. These fields offer particular business opportunities.Local and international trade fairs in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain


Bahrain's central geographic location in the Gulf region offers optimal access to the nearby countries, especially for smaller and medium-sized companies, and touts low operating costs, an educated Bahraini population, a talented workforce and a stable economy.
Bahrain's top issues are: Petrochemicals, Renewable Energy, Finance and Banking, Aluminum, Health and Tourism.

  • There are numerous local and international trade fairs abroad.
  • Well-known international trade fairs abroad are operated by German trade fair companies. They are also known as German trade fairs abroad.  

If you want to open up new sales markets abroad with your company, you need strong local partners. The AHKs are very familiar with your locations and cooperate closely with the trade fair partners locally and in Germany.



German Trade Fairs abroad

Well-known international trade fairs abroad are operated by German trade fair companies. They are also known as German trade fairs abroad. German trade fairs abroad open doors for you and provide the crucial contacts to international trading partners. In doing so, they cooperate closely with the AHKs.

Successful dual strategy

German trade fair organizers offer their event expertise and industry competence in Germany and also worldwide. The concepts of their events abroad are based on their international trade fairs established in Germany. As an exhibiting company, you can thus enter distant markets with the security of German quality standards under the "German Trade Fair Quality Abroad" label.

Best services for German exhibitors abroad

At German trade fairs abroad, you and your company can concentrate on what you do best: taking care of your customers and your business. Because German organizers take care of everything else, which is an advantage for you as an exhibitor in more ways than one. You can rely on their many years of experience in staging international industry trade shows. You also benefit from their contacts to trade associations in Germany and to AHKs in the target countries, as well as to potential buyers on site.

We offer this service in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Manama.

Foreign trade fair programs

When participating in foreign trade fairs as exhibitors, German companies are supported by the federal government and also by many of the German states. The Federal Ministries for Economic Affairs and Energy and for Food and Agriculture have developed the Foreign Trade Fair Program for this purpose. In addition, the federal states offer state-specific trade fair programs, but they also support individual companies or small exhibitor groups.

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