Local Support

We also support those companies that are already established in Saudi Arabia. Our networks in the public and private sectors have repeatedly proven to be a useful basis for strengthening local business relationships.

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Striking the right note: AHKs speak the local language, are at home in foreign cultures and thus, find the right words for you

Use the publications of the AHK Saudi Arabia to reach your target group and get individual advice on our advertising and sponsoring opportunities. We also have bilingual staff who can support you with translations or provide you with qualified interpreters to accompany business appointments.
Events, such as conferences, press meetings or accompanying programs for meetings can be also arranged and executed.

Our Services

German-Saudi Business Magazine

Our GSBM reaches decision-makers and business representatives in Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. The GSBM is also spread via all our events and meetings.
Biannual release, media reach: 8,000, print copies: 1,000
Advertisement via half, full, and double page ads

GESALO Business Newsletter

Information regarding business news in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, current social and cultural developments, events in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Germany as well as GESALO news and trade fairs.



Supplying of an invitation to apply for a visa via VFS.
3-month Single Entry
1-year Multiple-Entry



We have competent bilingual employees who can translate into German or Arabic, as well as accompany you to business appointments.

Events, Workshops & Conferences

Increase your visibility through professional events. We organize tailor made events for you including specialized conferences, press meetings and accompanying programs for meetings.
Our team has experience in conducting high profile events and product presentations as well as protocol questions.