Cooperation potential between Saudi Arabia and Germany

A joint study by the Saudi-German Energy Dialogue

Authored by Guidehouse


This joint study looks at the clean hydrogen cooperation potential between Saudi Arabia and Germany.

Clean hydrogen refers to renewable and low-carbon hydrogen derived from a production process in which carbon emissions into the atmosphere are avoided and mitigated or captured and utilized.

The study also looks at the opportunities and challenges for Germany and Saudi Arabia to cooperate along the hydrogen value chain, i.e., production, supply, distribution, and applications.

Germany and Saudi Arabia are a natural fit for cooperating on hydrogen. Germany is a global leader in the patenting and manufacturing of hydrogen technologies along the entire value chain. Saudi Arabia is a global leader in low-carbon fossil fuel production, has vast CO2 storage capacity, and excellent solar and wind potential.

Both Germany and Saudi Arabia host many companies that provide the expert advice, capital, and infrastructure required to scale up the hydrogen market. Together, Germany and Saudi Arabia possess the resources, infrastructure, and skills to produce cost-competitive hydrogen by cooperating across different value chain parts.

By Matthias Schimmel, Diego Bietenholz, Dr. Karoline Steinbacher, Guidehouse