Wasser & Abwassermanagement Workshops 2021

Workshop 1: Sustainable concepts for seawater desalination (23 February 2021)

Summary of the presentation from the Saline Water Conversion Company: SWCC operates 32 desalination plants (5.9 million cubic meters per day), a transmission network of 11,200 km, 63 pumping stations and 286 water tanks. 43 projects with a value of 42 bn SAR are currently under construction. For 2021 the following projects are expected: water transmission (13 projects), power supply (3 projects), strategic reservoirs (2 projects), security systems (15 projects) and 5 others. SWCC is working on energy supply through PV and reduced power consumption of pressurized water transmission pipelines (recovery of energy).


Workshop 2: Sustainable water and wastewater management in the Industry Sector (01 March 2021)

The 3 main challenges that the wastewater sector in Saudi Arabia is facing, as named by the participants are: a lack of encouragement to reuse treated effluent, the inability of the available infrastructure to meet the rising treatment demand and the lack of innovative technologies.


Workshop 3: Sustainable water and wastewater management (general) (11 March 2021)

Summary of the presentations: Festo Didactic Inc. presented their solutions for technical education to minimize the gap between Industry and Education sector. Specialized toolkits and technical education based on the requirements of the modern water and wastewater sector were presented. Dornier Consulting presented concepts of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR). ASR systems can support the normal operation of water supply, by bridging the gap between peak and average demand or by buffering the effect of seasonal water supply variations. A Case study of ASR in the GCC region was presented.


Webinar: Water and Wastewater Management in the Kingdom of Bahrain (21 October 2021)

Opportunities, Challenges and Sustainable Solutions

This Webinar was part of a series of events organized by GESALO and are supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and Chambers for GreenTech (Exportinitiative Umwelttechnologien).                  


Moderation & Opening - Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte, Delegate of the German Industry and Commerce for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen
Opening Remarks, H.E. Kai Boeckmann, German Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

Speaker:  Dr. Tom Headley, Senior Wetland Specialist at BAUER Resources Bahrain W.L.L

Topic:  Nature-based solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment

Speaker: Dr. Waleed Zubari, Professor of Water Resources Management at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), Bahrain

Topic: Towards Sustainable Water Management System in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Speaker: David Heinz, Boreal Light GmbH

Topic: Solar Water Desalination – Sustainable Drinking Water Production

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