Tree Planting Event 2021

Tree Planting Event in the Diplomatic Quarter

Tree Planting Event in the Diplomatic Quarter

Planting a tree as a symbol of sustainably is part of the Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management project that the German-Saudi Arabian Liaison Office for Economic Affairs (GESALO) conducted on behalf of the German Ministry of Environment and Chambers of Green Tec. It highlights the importance of water preservation, one of the world's most essential natural resources, and symbolizes the significance of sustainable solutions in the Water and Wastewater sector.

The tree planting took place in Bödeker Park at the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh, with the support of architect Jens Bödeker, son of the late German landscape architect Richard Bödeker whom the park was named after in honor of his significant role in the Diplomatic Quarter's landscape architecture.

"We see that Saudi Arabia is committing to sustainability and have conducted several events on sustainable water management jointly with our Saudi partners. The initiative fits into the frame of Green Riyadh, aiming to plant 7.5 million trees. We see great potential for joint projects in the Kingdom's water sector", says Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte, Delegate of the German Industry (GESALO).

Saudi Arabia has embarked on a journey of economic transformation and diversification in line with Vision 2030, aiming to set up a circular carbon economy, while the water sector remains vital for the Saudi Vision 2030.

This project aims to gather Saudi and German industry experts, to elaborate on current challenges and sustainable solutions relevant to the Saudi Arabian Water and Wastewater sector.