AHK World Business Outlook Autumn 2022

Survey by the Network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs)

Internationally active companies are feeling major challenges in their business environment in almost every corner of the globe. But at least the economic outlook in many regions is not as pessimistic as in Europe and Germany, as the current AHK World Business Outlook shows.

The survey of more than 3,100 German companies active abroad makes it clear:

from the point of view of international German companies, the global economy is facing a frosty winter. The main reasons are the economic consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine and China's zero-covid policy.

According to the survey, almost every second company (47 percent) expects an economic downturn at its respective location. Only in spring 2020, at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, did more companies (65 percent) expect an economic slowdown. In contrast, only 17 percent (spring: 21 percent) expect the economy in their host country to improve in the next twelve months. While the outlook is worsening especially in Europe, companies in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China), Africa, the Near and Middle East, as well as South and Central America and North America are less pessimistic.

Business development and expectations from companies located in Saudi Arabia

More than 3,100 companies worldwide took part in the survey. We are pleased that 65 replies were submitted from companies located in Saudi Arabia. 


Please find summarized key figures that capture some results for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia here.

Review results from Saudi Arabia

Situation robust despite gloomy expectations

Despite less hopeful economic expectations, German companies in international locations are still robust: almost half (45 percent) of the companies, similar to the previous survey (48 percent), report a good business situation. For 45 percent, too, current business is satisfactory. Only every tenth company (spring: 11 percent) reports a poor business situation.

Volker Treier © DIHK / Werner Schuering

Catch-up effects play a role

"The catch-up effect of order backlogs in industry, the new start for service providers after the end of the Corona restrictions, as well as easing in some places in global supply chains, should not obscure the fact that the strained global economy is also making itself felt among German companies abroad," says DIHK head of foreign trade Volker Treier. "Depending on their respective international markets, however, they find stable, if not even advantageous conditions, which in turn give confidence."

Source: AHK World Business Outlook Fall 2022, https://www.dihk.de/en/ahk-world-business-outlook-fall-2022-86470


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