AHK World Business Outlook Herbst 2023

Results of a survey of German chambers of commerce abroad, delegations and representative offices

Development of the global economy

Economic expectations of German companies abroad

With regard to the development of the global economy, German companies and companies with close ties to Germany are divided at their international locations.

According to their assessments, there is still no sign of a strong global upturn - although developments vary from region to region. The momentum in the global economy has slowed over the course of the year. Although international supply chains have stabilised and energy and commodity prices as well as inflation rates are declining - albeit from a high level.

By historical standards, inflation rates and some commodity and energy prices are still high in some regions. In addition, the rise in interest rates, particularly in the Eurozone and the US, China's weakness on the demand side and geopolitical risks are weighing on the business of globally active companies. In fall 2023, German companies are less optimistic about economic development at their international locations than they were in spring - according to the more than 3,600 companies surveyed by the AHKs.


Survey results Fall 2023


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AHK Business Outlook Spring 2023

Economic expectations of German companies abroad


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About this survey


The AHK World Business Outlook is based on a regular DIHK survey of the member companies of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Delegations and Representative offices (AHKs). In fall 2023, it collects feedback from more than 3,600 German companies, branches and subsidiaries worldwide as well as companies with close ties to Germany. The survey was conducted from 25 September to 20 October 2023. 39 percent of the responding companies come from the industry and construction sector, 40 percent from the service sector and a further 21 percent are trading companies. Smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees accounted for 49 percent of the responses. 24 percent of the companies employ between 100 and 1,000 employees. Large companies with more than 1,000 employees account for 27 percent of respondents worldwide.
50 percent are subsidiaries/branches of German companies, 38 percent are local or (non-German) international companies without a branch in Germany and a further 12 percent are local or (non-German) international companies with a branch in Germany.